Highly Recommend Lydia

“As a patient of Lydia for many years, I can certainly vouch for her wide array of knowledge and eagerness to learn and grow. I have seen Lydia for different healing modalities such as: massage therapy, Crainiosacral Therapy, and now NAET Treatments. My experience with her has been not only healing and beneficial, but welcoming and trusting. Lydia is very thorough in her work and I respect that about her. She tries hard to get to the root of the problem, and has patience to ask the right questions, when practicing NAET. Lydia shows understanding and attentive listening for the individuals she works with. She is very concerned with the progress of your healing, and that is something that I absolutely love about her…she cares! She cares enough to go above and beyond to help you find the right healing to help you and achieve freedom from your pain. I have seen Lydia also work with several of my loved ones, and I can definitely say she is very appreciated for all that she does. If your in search of someone that you can trust, with personal pain, and need for healing…Lydia will help you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for whatever method you decide to use…She’s magical and fantastic. I appreciate her work.”  — S.A.