Help from CranioSacral Therapy & NAET

“I went to Lydia to get assistance with my feet pain. For years I have been dealing with what I thought was planter fasciitis.  During CranioSacral therapy I learned about past emotions being held in your body and causing pain.  Lydia found stuck emotions on the left side of my body.  She helped me work thru the emotions and find peace with past emotional experiences. Now the pain is practically gone and when it does return I am aware of my feelings that is causing the pain and I can work thru it. During my CranioSacral Therapy Lydia introduced me to Naet. I have had sensitive digestion issues over the past 10-15 years and suffering from seasonal allergies. I tried a lot of supplements to ease my gut and over the counter medications for my allergies that only gave me bad side affects.  I have now gone thru several series of Neat and have had a reduction of food sensitives and weaning off over the counter medicines for allergies. I feel I have a more balanced energy, my body is functioning better and healing itself.  Lydia has helped me be more in tune with my body.”