My life was fraught with episodes of IBS, GERD, joint pain, and eleven bouts of urinary tract infections in nine months. Medical doctors kept throwing more and different drugs at my problems and by 2012 I was taking 11 prescription drugs per day. Finally I was struck with unceasing congestion in my ears and sinuses that nearly incapacitated me. After many visits to famous diagnostic clinics and multiple physicians, I was tested for allergies by traditional ENT/allergist and told that I had more reactions to environmental and food allergens than anyone the clinic had tested in 20 years. After several months of allergy shots and no relief, I was referred to Jessie Lin and my life began to change.
     Over the next 3 1/2 years I traveled 12 hours every month to have NAET treatments for this HUGE amount of allergens and combinations of allergens. It was like coming home to go to the clinic and be welcomed by Lydia and Jessie. I gradually began to feel better, to have fewer reactions, and to heal. After completing nearly 100 treatments in October 2015, I am and have been completely free from sickness, infections, allergic reactions, or discomfort in the digestive tract. Read that sentence again! I have had one cold. I take no pharmaceuticals and have the energy and abilities I had 30 years ago. I am not being dramatic to say that I owe Jessie my life. Her knowledge, skill, and compassion are unique in the medical world and restored quality of life for me. If I were younger, I would lead the fight in government and insurance companies to make herbal medicine and acupuncture as respected and acknowledged by as “traditional” medicine.